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History of streets in Nikolaev city

Pushkinskaya street in Nikolayev – in 1822 has been named Parkway (the street began from the main parkway of Nikolaev), but the project hasn’t been confirmed. In 1835 this name was offered repeatedly and is confirmed. In the end of XIX-th century, in connection with anniversary of Russian poet A.S.Pushkin, it have renamed in Pushkinskaya. To the 150 anniversary of destruction of the poet in the beginning of this street have established monument to Pushkin. According to researches of historians, the poet has visited Nikolaev not less than 5-6 times.

Nikolaev StreetsLyagina street – cross-section street of the city. In 1822 the name Sentry is offered (it went «from parkway, by old guardroom, Merchant church to the imported market». In German “guardroom” means «the main guards»). The project hasn’t been confirmed. In 1835 it is named Christmas in honour of the Merchant cathedral by which it passed. In 20th years has been renamed into Karla Libknehta street – in memory of the German revolutionary. After 1045 the street has received the name of Ljagina – in memory of the Hero of Soviet Union, the lieutenant colonel security officer Lyagin that worked in days of the Great Patriotic War in Nikolayev.

Nikolskaya street NikolaevNikolskaya street – longitudinal street of Nikolaev. The first name of street was Greek – by name the Greek church of Nikolay by which there passed street. In its 1835 have named Nikolskaya, by name the same church. In 20th years Nikolskaya have renamed into R.Ljuksemburg’s street in honour of German revolutionary. In 1996 its old name – Nikolskaya is returned street.

Morskoy Bulvar (The sea parkway) – is based at the river of Ingul on place of city dump by admiral A.S.Grejg and opened in 1826. From it the kind on Military landing stage, Admiralty and other naval objects opened; Bugsky estuary that conducted to the black sea. Long time its Nikolaev society named simply parkway. After the Great Patriotic War in connection with anniversary of admiral S.O.Makarova, the native of Nikolaev, the parkway has received the name parkway Makarova. Now the parkway has received the name Naval, in memory of communication of Nikolaev with the Black Sea fleet.


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NIKOLAEV ZOO – worth to visit!

Nikolaev zooThe NIKOLAEV ZOO has been based by mayor Nikolay Pavlovich Leontovich. As he writes in the report of the Nikolaev district executive committee for 1923, the State aquarium is based on April, 26th, 1901. Before revolution the Aquarium was its private collection and took places in the house of mayor. Already during pre-revolutionary time the collection of Leontovich was widely known in Russia and Europe. The aquarium has been equipped by last word of technics of that time: had electric compressors, heaters. Fishes have been placed in 75 aquariums. The volume of some from them reached to 3000.

The collection totaled about 50 kinds of fishes and amphibious, over 1000 copies. Н. P.Leontovich constantly published articles on Aquarium, was active member of society of fans of the nature of Nikolaev. Similar collections in all Europe was only seven. Year after year experts of zoo are engaged in collection acquisition. Today it totals 377 kinds of 2800 individuals. About 80 kinds brought in the International Red book. It is the largest collection in Ukraine. More than 50 kinds of animals among the Ukrainian zoos are presented only at us. By results of our job zoo the first among zoos of Ukraine in 1993 has been accepted in the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA).

Nikolaev Zoo Zoo take part in 18 European programs of cultivation of rare species (ЕЕР). The Nikolaev zoo enters into Euro-Asian Regional Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EARAZA), in the International System of the Account of Animals (ISIS). To the Nikolaev zoo of 100 years. For these years he has endured falling and liftings, failures and successes. We never knew easy times. Stored our zoo love – love to animals. Only ours by common efforts we will preserve the peace of wild animals. In May, 2003 the Nikolaev zoo is accepted by the first of zoos of Ukraine in the World association of zoos and aquariums (WAZA). Organization this it has been created in 1946.Сейчас unites 210 best zoos and world aquariums. On March, 20th, 2008 the male of jaguar has been brought to the Nikolaev zoo (Рanthera onca) on nickname of Amigo (age – 3 years). The animal is retold by the Kharkov zoo on the time matter for a period of 5 years.

Pair of jaguars containing at us – Yukon and Sheba – are the brother and sister. Amigo the animal is brought for the purpose of creation different blood steams of these rare. For delivery of jaguar from Kharkov, and also for the purpose of exchange of experience business trip of employees of the Nikolaev zoo (only 10 persons) has been organised. The Nikolaev zoo expresses gratitude to colleagues from the Kharkov zoo for the shown hospitality and invites them to arrive to Nikolaev with reciprocal visit.

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Ingul — the river running into Bugsky estuary of Black sea.

Ingul RiverNominally it is considered the left inflow of Southern Bug, running into last on distance of 0 km from mouth. The area of pool of 9 890 Length of the river of 354 km. The river source is at height more than 170 metres above sea level near with. Brovkovo (Aleksandrovsky area of the Kirovograd area).

The river flows in southern direction on the Pridneprovsky height. In the bottom part proceeds on Prichernomorsky lowland. In mouth — Nikolaev. River falling makes more than 170 m, river bias — In upper courses the narrow, twisting channel has 0,4 m./km. On site between villages Kostychi and Vinogradovka — plavnis. On the average current the channel extends to 30 m, in bottom in places to 80 and more. Depth mainly 0,7 — 1,2 m, in lower reaches — to 1,5. Speed of current to 0,5 km/s (1,8 km/h). Freezes in first half of December, it is opened to the end of February — first half of March. Freezing-up the unstable. Food snow, rain. River valley almost on all extent trapezoid, width to 4 km, depth to 60 m. of Coast rocky, with exits of granite and gneisses. The average expense of water near with.

Settlements (downstream): Rodnikovka, Ositnjazhka, Kirovograd, Kalinovka, Tarasovka, Ingulo-Kamenka, Verhneingulsky, Sednevka, Aleksandrovka, Anna-Trebinovka, Ingulsky, Sofievka, Free, Sand, Ingulka, Peresadovka, Mihajlo-Larino, Kalinovka, Voskresensky, Ternovka, Meshkovo-Pogorelovo, Nikolayev.

Inflows: Sugokleiea, Adzhamka, Sewing, Kamenka, Suhokleja , Beryozovka, Stolbovaja, Sagajdak, Gromokleja.

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Nikolaev underwater club SADKO

Nicholaev club underwater search “Sadko” was founded more than 35 years ago a group of scuba-diving enthusiasts on a voluntary basis. His club to set search perished during the Second World War naval ships of the Black Sea Fleet, the restoration of the names of the fallen sailors, lifting martial relics for museums.
Over the years the club was held for more than 70 expeditions and trips. As a result, have been found and examined: royal navy battleship “Scesma” destroyer “Frunze”, the flagship of the Danube Flotilla Monitor Impact, “a mine-layer” collective farmer “Battlestar Chervona Philippines, IL-4 in the Bay Cossack, tugs” Baikal “,” Typhoon “, and the OP-8, the torpedo boat in Kinburn Spit, the submarine” Sch-208 “, German: transport -” Salzburg “,” Theodoric “,” Santa Fe “, steamers – Dyurenshtal” and ” Tryummelfelde “aircraft – Dornier and Ju-52/3m.
A number of valuable military and historical artifacts. On the USS Frunze been found safe three documents, one of which belonged to the Commissioner ship. After gazetnyhpublikatsy on these findings, responded to the surviving sailors from the “Frunze” – on their memories were reconstructed the dramatic events of the last glorious battle ship.Nikolaev Sadko club
Were dismantled and raised on the surface of the main gun fire destroyer “Frunze” and monitor “impactor.” These implements are forever frozen in an open demonstration site of the Museum of the Nikolaev shipbuilding and the Navy, becoming a monument to the sailors and officers who gave their lives defending the Fatherland.
Beginning with the 60-s club repeatedly returned to find the schooner Dolphin, who died in 1944, with the documents I-Guards Red Nikolaev fortified. In the missing documents were the names of 12 unknown soldiers from landing Olshansky, who played a key role vosvobozhdenii our city from the German troops. So far, the remains of the vessel were found, but the search in the archives, correspondence, meeting with witnesses yielded positive results: identify the names of all soldiers and officers, as well as team “Dolphin”, the lost ships.
A significant part of the activities of the club’s cooperation with the Hydrographic Service of the Black Sea Fleet. Sadkivtsi with hydrographers engaged underwater survey obstacles that threaten navigation. Thus was examined by a large part of the seabed, dozens of sunken vessels. This activity allowed the club to edit charts, improve safety of navigation.
Over the years, club has undertaken and archaeological survey. In 1968, together with the Odessa Archaeological Museum expedition was carried out on Snake Island. It was surveyed by the entire underwater portion of the island – discovered the remains of shipwrecks, amphorae and marble details of the temple of er archaeological survey of the bottom of the estuary near Berezansky Berezan island. Found Achilles, which existed on the island in ancient times.
In 1996, the club has taken the underwatmany ancient ceramics. The expedition confirmed the modern concept of the Greek colonization of the Northern Black Sea coast.
Club were working on an old sailing vessel in Kinburn Spit, presumably – Russian frigate, the Russian-Turkish war. We have extracted the surface fragments of the wooden sheathing of the ship, exploding the kernel buckshot. Was raised and handed over for display in the museum Ochakivs’kyi huge admiralty anchor.
bast searching for new directions of its activities. Thus, he became actively involved in the study of history of the city of Nikolayev. In 1992-1993 the club with the Office of the architecture of the city held an expedition to survey the artificial underground structures and voids under the city – the so-called “catacombs. We studied the historical aspect of these structures, their impact on the ecological situation in the city. The expedition are turned out some results, but unfortunately, studies were inconclusive. “Underground” finding remain relevant to our city and the club is planning to return to this subject.
Promising areas of activity now club is to find shipwrecks and other underwater objects, underwater archeology of the Northern Black Sea region, natural history research in our region, the history of the city.

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Nikolaev churches (Part II)

Modern Nikolaev represents a number of areas of Christianity and Judaism.
The construction of religious temples in Nikolayev started with the first days. By 1810, stone churches were:
4 Greek
A Catholic
An Old Believer
A Jewish house of worship.
By 1869 in Nikolayev worship was conducted in 18 churches and prayer houses.
The active construction was carried out until 1915. The initiators and organizers were governors, architects, merchants, and many residents of the city. The Soviet period was marked by the decline of religion. Under different political and economic companies filmed bells were confiscated church expensive relics of gold, platinum, silver and precious stones, rare religious books. Some churches and chapels have been demolished, while others transferred to schools, clubs, museums. Several temples destroyed during the war, which passed through Nikolaev. After Ukraine became an independent religion gradually began to recover.
Orthodoxy – the main denomination of Nikolayev.
The Ukrainian Orthodox Church Moscow Patriarchate
Nicholas and Ascension Diocese
Church of Saint Nicholas (1789)
Church of the Nativity of the Virgin (1800, Centre Nikolaeva)
All Saints Church (1807, Necropolis)
St. Nicholas Cathedral (1817)
St. Michael’s Church (1848, Varvarivka)
The Chapel of St. Nicholas (1 October 2005)
Church of the Holy Spirit (1857, district watering)
Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate
Nicholas and Epiphany Diocese
Church Icons Kasperovskoy Mother of God (1908) icon on a daily basis during the summer months brought to town and recorded in the patients home residents. Her amazing strength healed Nikolaev.
Church of St. Alexander Nevsky at the naval hospital (1886)
Ukrainian autocephalous orthodox church
Church of St. Panteleimon (ex-Leonid Fedoseevskaya) (1916, in the yard hospital № 1)
The Roman Catholic Church of St. Joseph’s (1896, part of the structure with a dome survived since 1794)
Lutheran Church (in the middle of the XIX century, the center of Nikolaev)
Evangelical Christians-Baptists
Regional Association of Churches of Evangelical Christians-Baptists
Two houses of prayer
Evangelical Presbyterian Church
The Church of Jesus Christ
It is a reconstruction of the building, located at ul. Aivazovsky, 5A. Scheduled time of completion – the end of 2009. Now there are religious services on Sundays at 15.00.
In the database of the Jewish community of some 6000 Jews. Substantial assistance Nikolaiean American Jews have a Distribution Committee JDC, the Israeli patrons.
At various times, the rabbis Nikolayev were different people: Meir Shlomo Yanovsky, Mark Bagrov, Leo Vilensky, PhD Anchilovich (graduate Lazarev Institute of Oriental Languages in Moscow), etc.

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Nikolaev сhurches (Part I)

Roman Catholic Church of St. Joseph
The project architect of the temple belongs to Odessa – Dobrovský. Construction of the church was carried out by donations of parishioners. Work began in May 1794 and lasted until 1868. Soul and initiated the construction of the temple was the abbot Nicodemus Chernyakovich. Church is located at the crossroads of Decembrists and the Admiral Makarov.
Church of the Resurrection of the Virgin Mary. The temple was built in 1800. The architect of the temple – Carp Pavlovsky. In 1870, the tower was built. Weight bell is about 8 tons. The temple is located at the crossroads Lyagina and Potemkin.
Church of St. Nicholas. The Greeks were among the first settlers of Nikolaev, and they have built on our territory, the first Christian church. The first material from which the temple was built – a tree. But in the not distant future, the Greeks decided to replace the tree on a stone. Construction of the temple came to an end in 1917. On both sides of the portal are two icons – Nicholas and Mary Magdalene. At this time the temple is an architectural monument. Location of the church – the intersection of streets and Saviour Faleevskaya.
Church of St. Nicholas. A small but neat church in memory of St. Nicholas was built in our city recently. What do we know about the Miracle? Nicholas was born in Patara. His parents, Theophanes and Nona, were very rich, famous people. Saint Nicholas is distinguished by the ability to heal people. Now and then people thought of Nicholas the patron saint of children and sailors. The name Nicholas means “winner of the Peoples
Church of The Love of Christ
Jewish Community Missianskaya
Street: Pushkinskaya
house number: 73
Phone: 24-95-84
Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for all peoples – Nikolaev

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City of Nikolaev: excursion into the past (Part2)

During the 1917 revolution, Nikolaev called Red Peter Ukraine. In 1918, the city first had the foreign occupation. In 1920 Soviet power took. During World War II Nikolaev almost three years was occupied by German troops. In March 1944 68 marines led by K. Olshansky made the feat during the liberation of Nikolayev. This was the only case in history of World War II, when all members of one combat operations were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, the majority – posthumously. The monument is now paratroopers at Lenin Square, next to the Administration of the city of Nikolayev and Eternal Flame.

Connected with Nikolaev their lives, many famous historical legendary personality is reflected in the monuments of the city, the names of its streets, squares and gardens. There have been and Admirals A. Greig and M.P .Lazarev, discoverer of Antarctica F.F. Bellingshausen and creator of the tactics armored fleet admiral G.I. Butakov, heroes siege of Sevastopol since the Crimean War, the admirals P.S. Nakhimov and B. A. Kornilov, the authors of the Atlas of the Black Sea “brothers M.P. and E. Manganari and author of the 4-volume edition “Legend of the Russian land,” Major-General A. Nechvolodov, corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, the first director of the first in the southern Ukraine Nikolaev Observatory, Karl H. Knorre, and creator of the first the world’s marine gas turbine S. Kolosov. It is in Nikolaev V.I. Dal, while in military service, began compiling “Explanatory Dictionary of Russian language alive.” Here, in Nikolayev, completed his research founder of the Russian epidemiology, the 12 Western European academies and scientific societies D.S. Samoilovich, and Professor M.G. Livanov created at Epiphany (now Ship-city district) in 1790, the country’s first school of practical agriculture.

City visited Admiral Fyodor Ushakov, P. Sumarokov, Pushkin, Maxim Gorky, Vladimir Mayakovsky, M.A.Rimsky-Korsakov, M. Schepkin. Living in Nikolayev – N. Sadowski, P. Saksahanskyi, ML Kropyvnytskyi – were the founders of the Ukrainian theater. The first book on the history of the Ukrainian people in their own language – “History of Ukraine-Rus” – as was written in Nikolaev. Its author – M. Arcas was born in Nikolaev. People’s Artist of USSR of God MM, renowned astronomer, academician FA Bredikhin, Arctic explorer GL Brusilov known scientist in the field of rail transport Academician VN Obraztsov, talented naval commander, an oceanographer, a polar researcher and inventor of the C . Makarov.

The first major voyage was made more residents Nikolaev in 1848. Then the Admiral Yacht Oreanda traveled from cities around Europe in Krondshtat and winning the grand prize of sailing races in the same way back ago. On the other yacht “Icarus,” which was designed and built by students and staff of the Nikolaev Shipbuilding Institute (now the Mykolayiv State Technical University named after Makarov), Nicholas team of 7 people for the first time in Ukraine in 1987, undertook circumnavigation.

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City of Nikolaev: excursion into the past (1)

The modern city Nikolaev is located at the crossroads Bug estuary and river Ingul.
The unique location of the city led to interest in its territory since ancient times. The earliest archaeological site, which is found in the city, dates from the Neolithic (V – IV BC). Here lived the Scythians, the ancient Greeks, Slavic tribes, the Zaporozhye Cossacks.

The active population of Nikolaev peninsula began in the last quarter of the eighteenth century, after the liberation of the Northern Black Sea coast from the Turkish invaders and the conquest of the Russian empire out to the Black Sea. Russia needed a new fleet, ships, shipyards, and so in 1788 founded a new shipyard, around which was formed and the city of Nikolaev. Name the city got after the heroic assault on the city Ochakov Russian troops under the command of Alexander Suvorov. This event occurred in December 1788, the day of St. Nicholas, patron saint of seafarers.
In honor of St. Nicholas and was named the city.

The name of St. Nicholas, one of the most venerated saints in the Ukraine and Russia are linked and the first church built in the city in 1790, and the first ship. 46-gun frigate “St. Nicholas”. Since the construction of “St. Nicholas” at the shipyards of the city was built more than 2 thousand ships and vessels, including frigates, battleships, destroyers, submarines, etc. Nikolaev – is one of the two cities in the world where to build a heavy aircraft carrying ships.

City Life has been inextricably linked with shipbuilding and fleet. For over a hundred years here was the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet. During the Crimean War (1853 – 1856 years.) City was the main rear base for the Black Sea Fleet. Due to the fact that enterprises in the city Nikolaev worked on the military-industrial sector of the USSR, for a long time Nicholas was a closed city for visiting foreign tourists. The first educational institution of the city – Black navigational school was founded in 1798, has also been associated with the fleet. All this was reflected in history, economics and architecture. The original plan of building the city in the style of classicism was incarnated in the life and preserved till the present time.

In 1862 the city was founded by a commercial port and is the impetus for transformation to a big commercial port. By the end of XIX century. Nikolaev port ranked third after St. Petersburg and Odessa on the volume of trade with other nations, and the export of grain – first place in Russia. Nikolaev himself becomes a great industrial center in southern Ukraine.

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Nikolaev zoo

Nikolaev ZooAddress:
Leontovich sq., Nikolaev, Ukraine, 54008
Phone: +38(0512) 24-51-80, 55-60-45
Fax: +38(0512) 55-60-45

Brief information about Nikolaev Zoo:
The general area 18.48 hectarev Attendance 341 137 people
Collection: 452 species and 4485 exc.
Director Vladimir Topchy

The working time of the Zoo in winter is: 8:00 – 17:00; in summer – 9:00 – 18:00, during free days and holydays – 9:00 – 19:00, without days off.
The ticket price: for adults – 20 hryvnas: for children – 10 hryvnas. for children under 6 years – free of charge.
One can get the Zoo by municipal transport: trolley- bus № 1,2, tram № 6,7; fixed-route taxi, and get outon the stop “Bus station”.

Nikolaev Zoo

In  2006 in Nikolaev zoo “Garden of live tropical butterflies” was opened . The memorial sign is located on the central square in front of the zoo and a large octagonal flower beds, which grow different flowers. A flower bed is faced with a polished red granite. At the center of flowerbeds stands the pillars on which enshrined five pointers, oriented to the cardinal points so that they point the direction to the zoo and the distance to them. Look through another article about Nikolaev zoo in Ukraine.

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Nikolaev city: in short

Nikolaev Theater

City of Nikolaev is the administrative center of the Mykolaiv region, one of the 25 regions of Ukraine. City Mykolayiv was founded in 1789 after the Russian-Turkish war and the successful storming of Ochakov city. It was named after the patron saint of sailors – St. Nicholas (the monument to him is installed in the center of Sovietskaya Street, on Kashtanovy Square). Around the same time, Kherson and Odessa were founded. Mykolayiv was founded as a shipyard, and since then the shipbuilding industry is the main industry of the city.

Currently, the population of the city numbers about 500 000 people (around 1,5 million in Nikolaev region), the average salary of the city resident is $ 250 U.S. There is a sufficiently high level of unemployment in the city, since the majority of the shipbuilding companies is not working properly. Some shipbuilding plants have even been eliminated after the collapse of the Soviet Union. More than 20 years have passed since Ukraine became independent, yet much from the Soviet past still remains in the city (the numerous monuments to Soviet figures, such as the Lenin Monument on Lenin Square, many street names).

Despite the difficult economic situation in the city, Nikolaev is the center for Higher Education and Science, where 10 higher educational establishments produce 2,5 thousand specialists, most of them acquire professions, that have no analogues in the world. Among these universities Admiral Makarov Ukrainian State Marine Technical University stands out considerably. It trains specialists in all modern shipbuilding professions, and its diplomas are recognized in Germany, USA etc.

Nikolaev has many cultural institutions. Particularly popular are the oldest in Nikolaev Russian Drama Theater, Ukrainian Drama and Musical Comedy Theatre, Regional Philharmonic Society.

The asteroid, which was opened by the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory was named in honor of Nikolaev.

Nikolaev Zoo is very popular among residents and visitors of the city. It is located near the international bus station in the center of Nikolaev.

Other Nikolaev sights:
– The building of the Black Sea Fleet Headquarters, constructed in the XIX century (Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet)
– Astronomical Observatory – one of the oldest observatories on the Northern Black Sea coast
– The building of the Yacht Club (Nikolaev Yacht Club) – the oldest in Ukraine
– Turkish fountain, built in the XVIII century.
– St. Mary’s Church (St. Bogoroditsa Church), XIX century.
– The Catholic Church, 1896.
– Water Tower – “Eiffel Tower of Nikolaev”, built in the XIX century by the architect V. Shukhov, and others.

Nikolaev apartments for short term rent.

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