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Green City Nikolayev

Nikolaev ukraineThe city of Nikolaev is located in territory with a unique natural climate which is created by the South Ukrainian steppes and warm Black sea. In the first years of existence of a city sharply there was a gardening question. In the most different places by townspeople gardens have been arranged. Acorns, seeds of a hornbeam, a linden, an acacia, a mulberry, a walnut, an apple-tree and other trees were brought. Under the decree of admiral Grejg, trees on the Spassky hill and territory of the Dry Fountain have been landed. On the Spassky hill the park existing and until now (Pioneer park) has been broken.

City gardening was very difficult business. The Nikolaev ground did not detain a moisture, and passed it in underground emptiness. The first trees did not get accustomed, choked without intensive pouring. Many years that the necessary structure of soil was generated were required. To inhabitants those years it was forbidden to cut trees for the needs and to build houses in territory of gardens.

Park – big green territories with avenues, reservoirs, vacation spots and entertainments of townsmen.

The first garden has appeared at the house of the main commander, and subsequently has received the name “Wild garden”, from wild trees growing there. The square which is called Arkasovsky (Earlier “Sivashsky”) has appeared the second in Nikolaev.

The Parkway (nowadays parkway of a name of admiral Makarova) was one of the first green plantings in a city. It has been put on abrupt to river bank Ingul. Descent to small river have set trees. In parkway there were some flower beds, a fountain and two ladders.

Steppe – flat district without the trees, covered by grasses and undersized bushes.

In old Mykolayiv were both other gardens and squares, such as natural boundary the Dry Fountain, the Arrow with northern Leskami, natural boundary Spassk, the Scaffold and Volovyj a court yard.

Today in Nikolaev also it is a lot of parks and squares: park “Victory”, park of a name Petrovsky, park “Scaffold”, Chestnut square and others.

With fountains and water supply in a city very long it was not got on. The Spassky natural boundary throughout all eighteenth century was a unique place, whence the population could receive pure potable water. At top of the Spassky beam there was a water-cannon (fountain). Besides it, in natural boundary was two more fountains, it is less. After cutting down of trees in Spassky natural boundary and earthquakes in 1830, 1929 and 1951, these three fountains have run low. Today the territory where they were, carries the name “Dry fountain”.

Square – small park for walks and rest.



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